Jerry Milner: Daddy_s little girls

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Jerry Milner Daddy_s little girls
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    Daddy_s little girls
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Jerry Milner

Daddy_s little girls


"They're going to fuck!" Betty whispered to Lynette, as the eighteen-year-old cousins looked in through Olive Cook's window.

Red-haired Lynette glared at blonde Betty and shushed her. Lynette didn't really want to look, but she couldn't help herself Betty always got her to do crazy things when she came for her summer vacation visit. Peeping in at Mrs. Cook and Russ, was a crazy thing to do. Lynette didn't want to watch them fuck. The very thought of fucking frightened her. But Betty, having been raised on a farm instead of in a city, was excitedl interested in it. Lynette wished her father and mother hadn't left them here alone with her brother. There was no telling what trouble her mischievous cousin might get them into before Lynette's parents came home. She also wished Russ would just get up and leave Olive Cook's house, but he was showing no signs of doing that at all.

The woman and teen were sitting on the living room couch. The shapely woman tousled Russ' brown hair, laughed, and smacked another kiss on his lipstick-smeared mouth. He looked startled by it all. He had probably been startled ever since she had opened the door wearing only black panties and a brassiere. She had very big tits for such a small woman. They were bigger than Lynette's growing titties and even bigger than the high, thrusting beauties that had sprung out on Betty's chest in the past year. Russ kept looking nervously down at Mrs. Cook's tits while she fingered his hair.

"You picked a good day to come and collect," she was saying. "With my boyfriend out of town, it's nice to have a man around the house again. What's the matter, Russell? Are you flustered cause I don't have all my clothes on? Would you feel better if I went and put on a dress?"

"I, uh, no. It doesn't bother me," he said in quivering tone.

"Then what's the matter?" Mrs. Cook touched the nape of his neck. "Don't you like kissing girls?" she asked, moving closer to him and wetting her crimson lips with her very pink tongue.

"Sure I do," Russ muttered.

Mrs. Cook smiled and kissed him on the lips.

"They're Frenching like crazy!" Betty excitedly whispered. She had read about this sort of kissing all winter long, in the spicy romance books she'd found in her parents' closet. She had read about all sorts of wild things men and women did together, but she'd never had the chance to do them herself. Now her stomach felt funny and her pussy felt all wet and itchy as she watched them swapping tongues. She squeezed Lynette's hand very tightly all through the long kiss on the couch.

Russ looked a sick to his stomach. Mrs. Cook looked perfectly at ease. Laughing, with her nicely tanned legs curled up under her, she ruffled Russ' hair and said, "I've been looking at your pretty mouth for a long time now. I bet you've kissed every girl on your paper route. Do you like to neck with girls, Russ? Do you like to get 'em all hot, and play with their titties, and get in their hot panties? Come on. You can tell me."

"I, uh, don't have much time for girls."

"Sure. And it doesn't take a handsome stud like you very long to get a girl to spread her pretty legs for you. Just between you and me, are you fucking that cute redhead Lynette next door? And have you felt the tits of her cute country cousin?"

Lynette blushed hotly and turned to look at her cousin. Betty was squirming around and almost giggling, thrusting her pert nose closer over the windowsill. Inside, Russ was stammering, "I better go now, Mrs. Cook?"

"No need for that at all," she said. She nestled closer to him, slipping her hand front his neck to his shoulder. She plucked at his shirt buttons.

"I just turned eighteen," said Russ.

Mrs. Cook kneeled as she unbuttoned his shirt. Her waist was slim and her ass was very round. Her lacy black panties were so thin that the peeping girls could see the deep crack of her ass through them. Betty had yearned for panties like those for a very long time. With panties like those, plus her fast-growing tits, she could have had any boy within miles of the family farm. Hut at least she had this scene to look at now, and she secretl scratched at her hot, tingling cunt while the show before her continued on its thrilling way.

"Just as I thought. You don't have a hair on your chest yet," said Mrs. Cook, smoothing her palms over Russ' warm flesh while he shivered and squirmed on her couch. "But then, neither do I," she said, as she cupped and lifted her big, bra-covered tits in her hands before reaching back toward Russ.

Russ was twitching and squirming as she played with his nipples.

"That… tickles. Hey, I better go, Mrs. Cook."

Very calmly, Mrs. Cook straddled Russ' lap, holding him firmly on her couch, while she went on playing with his nipples.

"I need you here more than your other customers do," she told him. "You'll be much better off with me than sniffing after those stupid virgins on the block. And why don't you call me Olive instead of Mrs. Cook?"

"Olive, I… better get going."

"I wish you'd change your mind," she said, reaching behind her back to deftly undo the snaps of her thin, black bra.

"Ooo!" she said, reaching inside the loosened cups and squeezing her lovely, big tits. "So nice."

She let the cups of her lacy brassiere hang loosely over her big tits as she slid her hands dow around her slim waist. She held him by his shoulders and made her tits swing and sway in his face. Each twist and turn of her torso edged her bra straps farther off her shoulders.

Russ' staring eyes widened. His fingers, were digging into the couch cushions at his sides, as she said, "Take it off for me, honey. Take off my bra and have a look at a real set of tits, if you dare."

Russ very gingerly slid her bra off her arms. His mouth was hanging open, and he was breathing almost hard enough for the girls to hear him. Betty squeezed Lynette's hand tightly as they watched Olive place her hands behind her head and brazenly show off her tits. They were such big ones! They were tanned like the rest of her, and her nipples were huge and brown. She lifted them up by doing a shimmy other hips and shoulders, with her lace-covered pussy spread out over Russ' lap.

"Now, do you want to play with my tits?" Mrs. Cook said.

Russ shakily touched her tits.

"Oh, gosh!" Russ exclaimed. "So big! So warm and soft!"

Olive squirmed her panty-clad hips all around, and rubbed her thighs with her hands. "Yes, my tits are so nice and so big and so pretty. Nice guys like you just love big tits like mine. They like the so much they're always wanting to play with 'em and kiss 'em and suck an 'em. Just like you want to suck on mine."

Betty suppressed a nervous giggle, but couldn't suppress her urge to reach over and tweak one of Lynette's titties. Lynette gasped quite loudly. Both girls ducked when Olive turned to look at the window through which they were peeping, but both were looking through it again when the bare-titted woman held her tits before Russ' wide-eyed face.

"Kiss-kiss," said Olive, lifting her big, heavy tit and offering it to Russ. "Kiss-kiss and suck-suck," she said when the stiff-thrusting nipple had touched his slack lips. And then she smiled widely and began to massage both her asscheeks when Russ took her tit in his hands and sucked on it like an unweaned pig.

That's what it reminded farm girl Betty of – at least at first. But then as she saw the rapt look in Russ' eyes and the pleased expression on Olive's pretty face, she felt so melty and warm all over she had to squirm her naked thighs together and squeeze her tits through the tank top she wore. Lynette could see what her cousin was doing. Betty didn't care. She just smiled and sighed and kneaded her tits, feeling their nipples stiffen in her palms. And she went on watching the lovel scene there before her.

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