C. Ralston: Turning on her teachers

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C. Ralston Turning on her teachers
  • Название:
    Turning on her teachers
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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C. K. Ralston

Turning on her teachers


Ginger Foley was out of the classroom as soon as the bell rang. The tall, slender brunette headed for her locker as quickly as her long, sleekly-turned legs would carry her there, looking neither left nor right.

God, I hope I'm not blushing as much as I think I am! the girl told herself. She had been enrolled in sex education classes for five years now, but the others had all been like a church social compared to the one she had just left! They had all used diagrams, drawings, models, dry, non-descriptive, non-inflammatory language.

In short, they had been nothing at all like Miss Caldwell's class! The group discussion and illustrated lecture seminar Ginger had just left reminded the prudish teenager of a girls' pajama party – one held for the loosest girls in the class!

Throwing her other books in the locker, Ginger took out a notebook and her shorthand text, keeping her sex education manual with her. Miss Caldwell always assigned at least a chapter of homework, and this weekend was no exception.

"Hi, Ginger! Going on the big ski outing over the break?"

Ginger's knees grew weak. She recognized the boy's voice before she turned around. It was Todd Martin, one of the best looking, most muscular studs in her class. He kind of had a thing for her, but she didn't know whether to encourage him or not.

"Oh, uh, Todd!" Ginger smiled awkwardly, trying to get her sex education text buried beneath her other books as she turned around. "I… uh, don't know if my folks will let me go on the ski trip or not. I haven't had the courage to ask them yet, they're pretty strict you know."

"So I hear, every time I ask you out and you tell me you don't date yet!" Todd laughed. He was a tall boy, well built, with long, wavy black hair and an easy grin that showed acres of flashing, perfect white teeth.

"Well, maybe we'll see each other on the trip," Ginger tried to sound encouraging – but not too encouraging. "That'd be almost like a date, right?"

"My thoughts exactly, sweet pea!" Todd smiled and put his arm around the lithe brunette, walking her out the main doors.

"Gonna be some great spring skiing!" Ginger said brightly. She gestured at the blue sky with her books, deftly removing Todd's hand from her left breast and shrugging it back onto her shoulder.

"Yeah, and at night… well, I'm sure we could find a few other games to amuse ourselves with," Todd grinned wolfishly. "Matter of fact, you got a manual right here to show us how, in case we forget!"

Before she could react, Todd had plucked the sex education manual from Ginger's pile of school books. He smiled a wicked, leering smile as he leafed through the text.

"You got Foxy Caldwell for this class?"

"I have Miss Caldwell," Ginger replied icily, taking her book back.

"Yeah, I got her for the same class, third period," Todd laughed. "All the guys call her Foxy behind her back. I don't think she minds. With a build and face like hers, I guess she could write one of these books from memory!"

Todd whistled in admiration, for the chesty teacher's looks. Ginger disengaged herself from the boy's grasp and turned around.

"Hey, where you going?" Todd asked, bewildered. "It's Friday, spring vacation has started. School's over!"

Ginger ran toward the school's main steps. "I just remembered something I have to get. You go on, I'll see you on the ski trip!" she fired back over her shoulder.

Todd shrugged and continued on his way home. Relieved to be rid of the handsome boy's comments about Miss Caldwell's foxy body, Ginger trudged back up the steps and re-entered the main building. She really had forgotten to copy down the reading assignment in the voluptuous redheaded teacher's class. Ginger knew Miss Caldwell wanted all of chapter ten read, but she thought she had seen the teacher write something, about chapter eleven as well, just before the bell had rung.

Hoping the janitor hadn't been there to erase the board yet, Ginger slipped into the classroom. Yep, there it was, read to page one-twelve in chapter eleven! Copying the assignment dutifully, Ginger noticed a strange grunting noise.

Curious, the teenager followed her ears, drifting across the big room until she was standing next to Miss Caldwell's private office. Thinking that perhaps Miss Caldwell was in trouble, choking or something, Ginger peeked inside the slightly ajar door.

"Ugh! Oof! Ugh! Ah!" the grunting continued. Not seeing anything, Ginger opened the door a little wider, until she could see nearly all of the small office reflected in the mirror on the far wall. Ginger's heart stopped beating, then took off and began pounding like a race horse thundering down the home stretch.

Miss Caldwell was naked, her long, tawny-red hair spread out behind her across the top of the desk, her full, muscular thighs up in the air, her legs encircling the young man standing between them. The boy, a nice looking blond headed youth of sixteen, was naked from the waist down, his jeans and shorts in a rumpled heap around his shoes. His powerfully muscled hips were moving in and out between Miss Caldwell's jerking thighs.

Ginger recognized the boy immediately. It was Tony George, a friend of Todd Martin's. A boy from her class, and he was fucking the holy living shit out of Miss Caldwell!

Too shocked to retreat, Ginger stood where she was, her eyes as large as pie tins. She could see Tony's long, skinny cock – the only one she had ever seen, except for the ones in her textbook – surging in and out of Miss Caldwell's juicy gash. The teacher's big tits were bouncing frantically as the boy fucked in and out of her like the piston in a racing engine. Each thrust produced a guttural, hungry grunt of satisfaction from the stunning redhead.

"Ugh! Ahh! Oooh! Just right, baby!" she groaned. "You always know how I want it – hot and fast!"

"You know it, Nancy!" Tony panted. "I always knew what a dick hungry cunt like you wants! And I'm always more than happy to give it to 'em!"

Both of the partners cackled with laughter, each of them throwing even more into the lewd embrace. Nancy Caldwell locked her hands around her young lover's neck and held on for dear life as the youthful stud fucked her over the top.

"Ooooh! Oooohhh!" she cried out, closing her eyes as she came. "Give it to me, honey, get my pussy off!"

Tony grabbed the climaxing woman's jiggling tits in mid-bounce, like a fielder hauling in a fly ball in each hand at once. He squeezed the red-head's spongy flesh and poured the meat to her all the harder, driving his pecker into her grasping, flowing cunt folds a mile a minute.

"Aaaieeeeee!" the teacher wailed with joy. "Oh, fuck, yessss! I'm cumming like crazy, baby!"

Tony grinned and kept on pumping. He sawed his stiff cock into the willing girl until she sighed and released her grip on his neck.

Lying on her back on the desk, she smiled at her young lover. "Okay, you win!" she giggled girlishly. "You can last longer than me, you little bastard!"

Tony smiled triumphantly. "You take back all that shit you were trying to lay on me about us young guys being able to cum all night – which was lucky, 'cause we came after a stroke or two most of the time?" the teenager asked cockily.

Miss Caldwell nodded.

"And what do I win?" Tony went on, pulling his still hard cock out and strutting around the office.

"Now that's the good pan!" the teacher smiled seductively, sliding off the desk and onto her knees in front of it.

"See, Tony, honey, it was a rigged bet!" the red-head licked lips. "Either way, I won!"

Tony laughed and came to her. His prick was dripping with his own pre-cum fluid and her juicy cunt lubricants.

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