Jeff Collins: Their incest urge

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Jeff Collins Their incest urge
  • Название:
    Their incest urge
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Jeff Collins

Their incest urge


Diane was masturbating, wildly shoving two fingers up her nearly hairless little pussy, when her cousin, Ron, walked into the bedroom and caught her.

"That's naughty, Diane!" he said. "I'll bet your daddy would whip you for sure if he caught you playing with your pussy like that!"

Diane was whimpering. What her cousin said was true. Her father was very strict, and a real puritan. Sex was a taboo subject in their house.

"You won't tell, will you, Ron?"

"Hell, no. I do it too!"

"Play with yourself?" Diane's whimpering stopped. Suddenly she was curious. Ron had been staying with them for the summer, and ever since he had arrived Diane had been wondering how she could get a look at his cock. She had never seen a boy's cock, much less touched one, and she was wildly curious.

Ron was only two years older than Diane, but she was sure that the boy was experienced with girls.

"How do you do it? Play with yourself, I mean?"

"Like this." Ron pulled off his swim trunks, the only thing he'd been wearing when he entered the room, and fisted the long spike of his fleshy cock.

"Oh, Ron, it's so big! How can a boy ever get such a big thing in a girl's pussy?"

"Easy, Diane. The trick is to get the pussy real wet. But you've already done that with your fingers."

Diane felt an uncomfortable warmth growing in her body as she stared up at the muscular boy standing in front of her with his naked dick bulging. The athletic odor of his body came to her nostrils and made the juices flow faster from her cuntal lips. She smiled as their eyes met and Ron slowly lowered himself to the bed beside her.

"Wanna touch it, Diane? Wanna touch my dick?"

She nodded. "Yes, yes, a lot! I'll let you touch my pussy, too!"

"Let's kiss first. That's a good way to get each other hot!"

Diane's lips parted as she felt his tight, thin mouth brush against hers. She placed her arm around his neck and waited for what seemed like an eternity for him to do something. Then his warm tongue suddenly slipped between her soft lips and darted into her mouth. Diane allowed him to move closer, until his chest was pressing against her titties. She held her fingers against the back of his neck and met his probing tongue with her own.

His chest crushed her tits, flattening them and making the nipples hard. They burned with desire. Would Ron try to fuck her? She hadn't counted on that. She really just wanted to play and explore. Her pussy, she was sure, was still too small for a cock, especially a big hunk of meat like her cousin's.

Diane felt the warmth spread rapidly though her body as their kiss became more and more passionate. She wanted to break away from him, push him back and break the physical contact that was suddenly beginning to create things in her body.

His tongue was so caressing, so gentle yet demanding. The innocent girl's body automatically began responding. There was that now familiar burning ache in her pussy, the ache that demanded so much and gave so much more.

"I like you, Diane," Ron said with heavy breath when their lips parted. "I mean, I really like you a lot."

"I like you, too, Ron," Diane said softly, trying to cool the juices flowing though her pussy. The sound of her voice and the touch of her ripe body in his arms sent desire rocketing through the boy's body. He could feel his hard prick pressing against her belly and his balls itched so much it was all he could do to keep himself from reaching down to rub them.

Lifting her chin from his naked shoulder, Ron brought her beautiful face to his. They stared into each other's eyes for a long moment, a deep warmth radiating between them. Then he crushed his lips against the soft outline of her sweet, sensuous mouth.

Diane wasn't prepared for the fierceness of his kiss. She felt her body crushed against his while his tongue probed the warm depths of her mouth. The fire between her thighs suddenly burst into leaping flames, that seemed to touch every nerve center in her body.

The inexperienced girl commanded herself to push the handsome boy away, but her body disobeyed her mind and she clung to him in a passionate embrace while they explored each other's mouths with hot desire.

Diane felt his hand on her leg, his fingers moving steadily up.

"Are you… are you going to touch my pussy now?"

"Yeah, and maybe rub my dick against it. You'll like it. It feels really good. Okay?"

The touch of his hard fingers on her smooth, tender, warm thighs made her tremble. Diane squeezed her thighs together, but she soon fell the tips of his probing fingers pressing against her soft pubic hair. Tiny shock waves coursed through her as he pressed, massaged, caressed and fondled the soft, warm cushion of her pussy.

"Ohhhh, Diane, you feel so good down there! Can I put my finger in you, like you were doing?"

"Okay, but be careful. Sometimes it hurts if I push in too far."

Ron found her cuntal slit with his fingers and sighed. He was no virgin to sex, but his experience was limited to the high-school prostitutes who would do anything for a couple of dollars. How often had he heard the boys talking in gym… talking about how when a girl said no she really meant yes. Ron had read a half a dozen books that said girls felt they had to say no to a boy, even when they wanted it. And what they really wanted was for the boy to ignore them and to ahead and fuck them.

He slid his hand down to the center of her clit and began rubbing back and forth as firmly as he could. When she turned her head away from his eager lips, he put his mouth against her ear and began blowing softly into it. He nibbled at her earlobe and darted his tongue inside her ear while he continued rubbing her pussy.

"Feel good?"

"Yes, oh yes! It feels wonderful!"

Diane relaxed and parted her thighs as his demanding fingers continued probing and caressing the center of her pussy.

"Ron, do you want me?" she moaned as his finger brushed back and forth across the tiny, sensitive bud between the lips of her cunt.

"Jeez, yeah!" the boy gasped, becoming bolder and allowing his hand to reach out and cup one of her ripe titties. Then he took her hand in his and guided it down to his burning crotch. He placed her fingers on his straining prick, then doubled his attack on her hot cunt.

Diane could feel the pulsing in his hard meat beneath her hand and she began rubbing it lightly until he was squirming. It was so exciting to have a real, live boy's prick in her hand!

"My dick is fatter than my fingers, Diane. It would really feel good in there!"

"You sure? I mean, won't it hurt?"

"Only for a little bit. Okay?"

"All right," she moaned.

The two teenagers squirmed back and forth in each other's arms. Ron's hands eagerly explored her soft, luscious body. He ran his fingers lightly up the crevice between her buttocks, then brought his knee up between the softness of her thighs to press it against the down of her pussy. He cupped her ripe tits in his hands, caressing them until the nipples were bright pink and standing tautly out at attention.

Diane gave herself over to the fantastic passion that was now bubbling and rapidly coming to a boil in her body. She clung to him, rubbing her belly shamelessly against his rigid cock. The inexperienced girl suddenly began to think of Ron as the most beautiful man she had ever seen. She caressed his face with her fingers while her tongue rubbed against his tongue inside his moist, warm mouth.

"Play with my prick, Diane, please!" he moaned urgently as they fondled each other.

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