Robert Vickers: Hot pants twins

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Robert Vickers Hot pants twins
  • Название:
    Hot pants twins
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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Robert Vickers

Hot pants twins


"Oh, ohhhh, it's so hard, your cock is like steel, it's so damned hard in my cunt!" came the words. Shocked, Candy Taylor lowered her gaze and looked around her back yard. There was no one in sight. She furrowed her young brow and stood, brushing off the grass from her tight denims.

She had come out into the yard to look at the meteor shower. It wasn't the best of the year, but a meteor ripped through the atmosphere every other minute, almost twice the normal frequency. And the meteors she did see were all a lot brighter than the ones normally seen.

But those sounds…

Candy began walking around the yard, letting the cool breeze caress her trim, supple young body. She was only eighteen but already the first blush of full womanhood was on her. With her tits impudently thrusting forward in front of her chest, she would have made any red blooded man turn and look twice. That she wasn't wearing a bra was immediately apparent by the tiny mushrooms of her nipples pressing hard and round into her tee-shirt.

If a good set of knockers was all she had to mention, a lot of men wouldn't have given her that second, more appraising look she deserved. She moved with liquid grace and had more than a nice pair of boobs. Her ass flared out and filled her tight jeans nicely. The gentle sway of her ass as she moved was enough to give a statue a hard-on. Her legs were trim and graceful as a colt's. The entire package was delightful, from the top of her jet black haired head, past the pale oval of her perfectly sculpted features, to her flaring tits, to her trim waist and ample ass, and all the way down her gorgeous legs.

She was one hell of a fine looking teenaged girl-woman.

Glancing aloft again for a moment, she saw a green meteor. This removed, the sighs of pleasure she'd heard from her mind. She watched the night sky for a few more minutes, growing more and mote excited over the spectacular meteors she'd seen.

The moans came again, louder than before. And she could make out the words. "You great big fucker! Your cock's so big and swollen in my cunt! I can hardly stand it! Ummmm, no, no! Don't stop fucking me! Give me all that sweet, screwing cock of yours! Up my cunt!"

The words shocked her. Nice people didn't use words like that. They were naughty, even dirty. She heaved a deep sigh which made her tits bobble around enticingly, then went to investigate. The teenager wasn't going to allow any filthy pervert to use her family's backyard for depraved activities. Ever since the police had started hassling the kids necking up at Point Milan overlooking the city, the local high school crowd had been seeking new places to carry on.

Candy firmly decided that they weren't going to do any of their depraved things around here!

She went to the back of the lot and tried to hone in on the sounds. The words had become muffled, indistinct and she wasn't able to tell where they came from. She heard rustling in the bushes and turned to see what was happening there. All she could see were two sets of bare feet poking out from underneath the low green shrub.

Candy started to say something when she heard the girl's voice again, plain as day. "Jesus Christ, Mark, that cock is super! I love the way it feels in my cunt. Driving hard, fucking me, making me come alive!"

It wasn't the words that made the girl feel woozy and like passing out. She recognized the girl saying them. She edged closer to the bushes where the two were fucking and saw perfectly into the tiny spot behind the shrubs.

She might have been staring into a mirror. The girl pinned to the ground under the teenaged stud's body was her identical twin. Mandy's face was contorted in the age old rictus of a woman getting one hell of a good fucking. She was lying flat on her back and had her slender legs pulled up tightly into her body. Her knees rubbed the sides of the boy's body as he drove his cock into her tight, seething hot cunt.

Candy swallowed hard. She had always known that Mandy put out for anything with a cock. She hadn't realized it was literally true. Mark wasn't the worst guy in the school, but his reputation! She shuddered just thinking about what all her friends said about Mark.

"Ummm," had sighed one of her best friends. "I've heard that Mark's made it with every single one of the cheerleaders."

"Not Jenny, too!" exclaimed another of her friends. "Jenny said she was going to be a virgin when she married."

"Maybe she'll be a virgin up the ass, but not her pussy! I saw them fucking under the stadium last week!"

Candy had let the girls go on with their gossip, wondering if all the terrible things they said were true. Now that she could see the way Mark was fucking her sister, she guessed they were true.

The girl wanted to break and run, to get away from this obscene act going on in the bushes. But something pinned her to the spot. Her feet felt as if lead weights had been added. Her legs refused to move. Her arms even seemed to be frozen. But her eyes darted around, taking in every single act of this lewd play.

She hunkered down and peered through the thin screen of the greenery. She had a perfect picture of a cunt being split wide apart by a fucking cock. The teenager swallowed hard, her mouth suddenly cottony and dry. The pussy lips fluttered wildly, obscenely, and then lewdly kissed the boy's incoming prick.

The purple knob on the end of the cock was already gleaming with cunt oils. She saw the youth run his prick up and down the liquid gash for a moment, then reinsert his cock into the girl's cunt hole. Candy couldn't believe she was witnessing anything this dirty.

But the words!

"Shit, Mandy," Mark was saying, "This is the Goddamnedest, tightest, wettest hole I ever fucked. How do you keep your cunt so fucking tight?"

"I save it for you, lover!" her sister cried. Her hips thrashed around in obvious arousal. Candy didn't understand what it was about this horrible act that made normally sane people go off the deep end. Her sister was something of a slut, by Candy's standards, but she was a sensible person. There wasn't any way of denying that Mandy was really turned on by the cock shooting deep and demanding into her cunt.

"So biiig inside meeeee!" she cried. "That fucking prick of yours is a monster. And I love every Goddamn inch of it! Don't ever waste your time beating off, Mark. Come and fuck meeee! I want all that cock I can get!"

She watched as her twin sister's movements turned jerky and spasmodic. She writhed around and then started shoving her pussy hard into the boy's incoming cock.

"Fuck me more!" the girl screamed. The ring of her cries filled Candy's ears so much she had to clap her hands over her ears. She couldn't get the thought out of her mind that Mandy was being raped. But it couldn't be rape, not with her begging for more cock all the time.

She watched as the prick shot balls deep into the juicy twat. Cunt oils leaked out around the thick plug of prick and squirted down the thrashing girl's legs. She doubled up and locked her legs about Mark's waist. This pulled her pussy mound even more firmly into his crotch.

Candy couldn't stand it any more. She turned away. But the cries rang in her head, echoing so much she had to look back.

The youth had straightened and drove his steely prick directly into the girl's cunt. The lewd sucking noise that filled the air told the spying twin how much vacuum was being formed inside her sister's twat. She didn't believe such a thing was possible without somebody getting hurt. But the passionate moans coming from Mandy's lips told of pleasure, not pain.

"Lemme rest a second," said Mark. "I could fuck you all night long. Shit, that pussy is so damned tight around me it feels like I'm fucking into a glove. You're no virgin, are you?"

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