Kathy Andrews: My red-hot mom

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Kathy Andrews My red-hot mom
  • Название:
    My red-hot mom
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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Kathy Andrews

My red-hot mom


"Cunt-face… cunt-face… cunt-face!"

"I'm gonna tell Mother," Sarah pouted. "You're gonna get it, Bobby!"

"Cunt-face…" Bobby said again.

"Sarah's a little cunt-face!"

Sarah ran into the house. "I'm gonna tell! I'm really gonna tell!"

Linda looked at her daughter as Sarah entered the living room. "What are you going to tell, honey? Is your brother teasing you again?"

Sarah frowned. "Mother, you gotta whip Bobby. You gotta beat him up for me."

"I do?" Linda smiled. "And why should I beat your brother up for you?"

"Because he's… he's calling me bad names again!"

"What kind of bad names this time?" Linda asked.

"I can't tell you," Sarah answered shyly.

"I see." Linda watched a blush creep over her daughter's exquisitely pretty face. "That bad, are they?"

Sarah nodded. "He calls me slut and other things. What's a slut, Mother?"

"Oh, it's just a name boys call bad girls. You know, girls that do things with boys they aren't supposed to."

"You mean like touch them, Mother? Why can't a girl touch a boy if he can touch her? It's not fair. I've never heard a boy called a slut for doing that."

What her daughter said made sense to Linda. If only their father were still alive, maybe none of this would be happening. Maybe Sarah and Bobby would be more affectionate toward each other instead of constantly fighting. Linda found it very hard to discipline either of them. Just the other day Bobby had brought a note home from school, telling her that he was yanking up girl's dresses in the school yard, trying to pull one little girl's panties down.

Linda had seen Bobby trying to peek at his sister, but she had considered it natural curiosity for his age. She watched Sarah squirm and blush. Maybe her son was a little too precocious for his age.

"Run along, honey," Linda said. "I'll have a talk with your brother."

Sarah scampered down the hall to her room. Linda got up and looked out into the back yard. Bobby was in the tree swing, slowly swinging back and forth, his chin cupped in his hands.

Linda left the house and walked up to him. "Something bothering you, Bobby?"

Bobby watched the gentle breeze play with his mother's skirt as it molded it to her long thighs. He thought his mother had the most beautiful legs in the world.

When he didn't reply, Linda squatted before him, not aware that her son could see the crotch of her panties.

Bobby stared long and hard, feeling his cock harden in his pants. He felt excitement rise in his young body. This was the best look he had ever had of his mother, and it made his balls feel very hot.

"Your sister tells me you're calling her names again," Linda said. She felt the breeze lift the back of her skin, and she smoothed it down over her ass. Then she noticed his gaze, and she realized he could look up her dress. With a flush, she stood up. "Bobby, that isn't nice, looking up dresses. Why do you do it, honey?"

Bobby lifted his head, his face flushed slightly, Linda felt his eyes burn on the thrust of her tits, and she felt a little feverish.

"You've been doing that a lot lately," Linda's voice suddenly sounded low and husky.

"And at school… jerking up dresses. Bobby, why? And why are you always calling your sister names?"

Bobby stood up.

Linda gasped.

Her son's cock was bulging inside his pants, very hard, outlined. Bobby made no effort to conceal it, but stood there proudly as she looked, feeling mesmerized. The gentle throb of her cunt surprised her, as did the sudden wetness against her pants.

"I see," Linda whispered. "Bobby, it's time you and I had a talk. Come with me, please."

Bobby followed his mother, his eyes gleaming as the breeze pressed her dress to her compact ass. His cock began to throb with greater hardness.

He followed her to his room, passing her as she held the door open. He sat on his bed while his mother closed the door.

Linda leaned against the door, not sure how to proceed, but knowing she had to say something. His cock was still very prominent in his pants, even though he was sitting down. She moved toward him, sitting on the bed at his side. Placing her hand on his thigh, she felt the heat of his flesh burn into her palm.

"Where do you hear those names that you call your sister? At school?"

Bobby nodded, very aware of her closeness.

"Do you know what they mean?"

"Some of them, Mom," he answered softly. "I know what slut means. That's what we call a girl at school because she does things. You know what things, Mom… in the restroom and under the bleachers."

"With you, too?" Linda asked, feeling a little jealousy well up inside her.

"Oh, no, not with me!" Bobby said quickly. "She's older, and all the bigger guys go with her."

"Bobby, that does not make her a slut," Linda said. "Some girls, well, they just need – even if they do things with boys, like you say, that doesn't make them bad, or sluts. They have needs, like you and Sarah and, yes, even me. Do you think I'm a slut, baby?"

"Not you, Mom! You're my mom!"

"And Sarah is your sister," Linda reminded him. "And I don't think Sarah is doing those things with boys, do you?"

"Sarah? No way, Mom!"

"Then she isn't a slut, is she?" Bobby blushed. "I guess not."

"What were you calling her today?"

"Aw, Mom, I can't say it to you."

"But you can say it to Sarah, is that it?"

Linda rubbed his thigh, feeling a strange excitement inside her body. She stared at his lap, seeing his cock, watching it move as hard throbs pulsed through it. She wrapped her arm around his shoulder and pulled his cheek to her chest, resting his head on the firm curve of her tit. Rubbing his back gently, she whispered into his ear. "You can say it to me, too. Anything you can say to your sister, you can say to me. I want to hear what you called her, Bobby."

Bobby began to shake. The nearness of his mother's tit against his mouth was so very exciting. He thought he could feel her nipple at the corner of her lips, and he wanted to turn just enough to put the tip of his tongue against it, but he was afraid of what she would do.

"Tell me…" Linda purred with her lips close to his ear.

"I called her a… a… cunt-face," he mumbled.

"A what?" Linda lifted her head, looking at him. "You called your sister a what?"

"I won't do it again, Mom!" he promised easing his lips toward her nipple.

"Bobby," Linda said, cupping his face. "Do you know what that is? That name you called Sarah?"

Bobby nodded, looking downward at his mother's nipple.

"Are you sure?" Linda asked.

"Well, kinda sure," he said. "No, I guess I really don't, Mom."

Linda felt him trembling, knowing what he was trying to see. Without thinking of what she was doing, she pulled him down and against her body, pressing his face between her tits. She heard him moan. Her hand moved along his arm to his thigh, then up his thigh. Her fingertips touched his cock.

She heard her son moan again, as she traced the outline of his cock.

"Bobby, I'm going to do something… something I shouldn't. But you must never say a word, not to your sister, not to anyone, do you understand?"

He nodded.

Breathing heavily, Linda began to rub his cock. She felt his prick throb with such hardness that it excited her, made her cunt pulsate wetly. She felt the swollen head of his cock, then she moved her palm up and down the hard shaft to his balls, then up again.

She felt as if she were on fire, as if her cunt was on fire, the wet flesh melting. She drew away from him, looked for a long time into his glassy eyes, her hand holding his cock.

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