Victoria Parker: How much for your daughter?

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Victoria Parker How much for your daughter?
  • Название:
    How much for your daughter?
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Victoria Parker

How much for your daughter?


Sweet little Amy Cosgrove had just dressed for school. She attended Ryder High, a private school, and wore her uniform, a darling short blue skirt that seemed to be mostly pleats, tight pink sweater, white knee sox, and blue and white saddle shoes.

The skirt hemmed high on her smooth, young thighs. The pink sweater was gorgeously blossomed out by the push of her suckette tits, bobbling under the thin wool like two oranges.

Amy's face was angelic, round, her lips thick and juicy. Her eyes were sky blue, and her long blonde hair banged out sweetly on her forehead and was swept back and tied into a ponytail with a pink ribbon.

It was Monday morning, and her Uncle Frank had spent the weekend with the family. Amy passed the guestroom on her way to an early breakfast.

She heard a strange sound, a slushy, liquid clicking. The door was ajar slightly, and Amy, her curiosity aroused, paused long enough to take a peek.

Frank was jacking off.

He lay nude on the sheets, his strong, mature body tight, tense, muscular. His handsome face registered a look Amy had never seen before.

Frank was near forty, had a hairy chest, big shoulders, and in his hand he clutched a long, hard prick. He pumped his cock slowly, his eyes closed, his mouth unhinged, his face wrinkled with ecstasy.

She stood in her uniform, her fine ass curving out her tight, dark blue school skirt, and she continued to peer through the crack in the door.

Amy had never seen a man masturbate before. She was shocked and thrilled at the same time.

Her heart raced. She felt light in the head. She trembled. Her eyes were wide. She watched Frank jerk his immense prick. The hard cock looked like a big slab of meat, and Amy guessed it had to be at least a foot long.

The darling schoolgirl was fascinated at the way Frank pumped his cock, the way it bubbled and fizzed on the big pricktip, cum spilling down the stalk onto his knuckled hand.

Then she heard him whisper, "Oh, oh, Amy! You sweet little fucker!"

Her heart pounded furiously.

Jeez, she thought, he's whisperin' my name. He's masturbatin' to me!

Frank jerked faster, his hand doing a hot herky-jerky on his squirting prick.

Amy watched intently, trembling all over. She felt her little cunt goosh in her panties, get all wet and sticky.

"Yeah, Amy, you darling fucker," Frank whispered, pumping harder, whacking and thumping his big cock.

The more Amy watched, the more she liked what she saw. There was something about that man lying on the bed nude, his cock hard as a bar of iron, his hand pumping on the stalk, that gave her an unexplainable thrill.

She'd never thought about it, but she guessed when men masturbated they thought about girls. She hadn't known before, but now she did.

Because Frank whispered again, "Amy, Amy baby!"

Her panties were soaking wet now, and her young pussy itched and burned. She couldn't help herself. She reached down and rubbed between her legs on her blue skirt, crunching up the pleats into her thighs.

Frank jerked faster now. His hand became a hot blur. Amy watched. His cock squirted some more. Amy rubbed between her legs harder. Her whole body shook with excitement.

"Amy you beautiful little bitch." Frank whispered softly, his eyes still closed, his face full of pleasure.

He is, he is, she thought. He's playing with his prick and thinking of me!

Amy stuck her hand up under her skirt and rubbed into her pink panties. The crotch was gummy and sopping. Her hand made her feel good.

Frank was fist-fucking his cock with a furious jack-jab now, and the sight of his lewd act had Amy so hot she thought sit might catch on fire. She wanted to be repulsed by the act, she wanted to cum but she couldn't. Just seeing her handsome uncle masturbating like that on the hod held her in a deep enchantment.

She kept watching, and she kept rubbing under her little skirt.

Amy knew her mom was gone because she always left for work early to make the long commute into Bay City. So she knew she wouldn't get caught standing there in the hall rubbing her pussy.

Frank was beating off wildly now. His long cock was creamy. His action made a rapid slurping sound, a sound that intrigued and excited her.

Amy stuck her hand into her panties and fingered into her juicy young cunny. It felt so good. She finger-fucked herself, and watched her uncle masturbate.

Frank stiffened. He jerked frantically.

"Amy, Amy," he called.

Then he came. It was as if someone had turned on a garden hose. A thick spray of cream spewed out of his prick, flew high up into the air and splashed back down on Frank's belly.

Oh, jeez, Amy thought. Oh, my gawwwd! Look at that! He's shootin' stuff!

Amy had never seen a cock cum, never had seen the eruption of climax, the squirting cream that spurted so thick and so high. It was a sight she would never ever forget.

She fingered her pussy faster. Then she herself stiffened, was jerked forward at the waist, and she came. The tingling ripple of orgasm spread through her fine, young body. Never had she felt so wonderful.

Her eyes gaped at the sight of her uncle jerking his spitting cock, his creamy handjob.

"Ah, Amy! Oh, shit, Amy!" he cried. Amy's climax seemed like it might last forever. She reveled in the wonderful feeling, turned on by Frank's jacking, by his creamy ejaculation.

Frank finally slumped back, spent, his chest heaving, his body covered with thick goo. Amy quickly withdrew her dripping fingers from her pink panties and tiptoed away.

"He must think everyone's left for the day," she mumbled to herself as she went downstairs.

She was still trembling, still shaking, as she picked up her books. She had to hurry. She had whiled away a lot of time watching her uncle jackoff, and now she might be late for school.

She slipped out the front door, walked down to the street and took a right. It was nine blocks to the school.

All the way there she kept thinking about what had just happened. How a man had masturbated to her, how he had squirted all that stuff out of his prick.

She reached the school just as the bell for her first class rang. She climbed the steps thinking about Frank and wondering if other men masturbated to her too.


Amy stayed late after school. She was trying out for cheerleader at Ryder School, and the girls practiced routines until after six.

She arrived home and found a note from her mom that she had gone out to dinner with Frank and would be back late.

The note included a typical parents' orders to study, go to bed early and not spend so much time on the phone.

Amy knew that her Uncle Frank was leaving the next day. She had been thinking about him, how he masturbated to her, and she was still excited by the thought of it. Each time she pictured how he called her name and shot his wad, she tingled all over. She was perplexed in a way, because she hadn't realized older men masturbated.

The evening passed fast.

Amy studied, did all her homework, then stayed up and watched TV until near midnight. She undressed and crawled into bed and lay thinking again about Frank's prick shooting.

Her hand crawled to her pussy and she finger-fucked herself, came within minutes, rolled over and went to sleep.

The next morning she was up early for school. She had already heard her mom leave. Her mother always left her a hot breakfast in the oven.

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