Rand McTiernan: Her Forbidden Brother

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Rand McTiernan Her Forbidden Brother
  • Название:
    Her Forbidden Brother
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  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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  • Рейтинг книги:
    4 / 5
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Rand McTiernan

Her Forbidden Brother


The town of Billford, Texas might be small but it sure could throw one hell of a Saturday night dance. That's what everyone said from the other small towns nearby in the prairie belt where nothing, absolutely nothing, was done but cattle raising. Some people bragged that this area was the last remnant of the “wild west,” others claimed there was no “wild west” left, and this controversy never failed to start at least one fight at the Saturday night Billford Dance. It attracted all the cattle-workers, feeders, pen keepers, railroad herders, truck drivers, slaughterers and packers-and they all proudly referred to themselves as “cowboys.” Old men, young men still in high school, wives, daughters, children and grandmas made the Saturday night at Billford a tradition where they danced to the whining strains of blue-grass “stomping” music and drank from the long bar until the few coy-white under-thigh to gaze at. “Seen little David?” the leering creep asked. Dorothy shook her head and said nothing. But Vic giggled again and added, “Shit, he's not here, is he?

I thought he'd be home playing his toot-flute like a good little boy!”

“Yeah!” Len guffawed. “He sure loves playing that flute! Hah!

You'd think he didn't have another one!” Vic loved it and started laughing. “Hell, sure he's got another flute! His skin flute! Only problem is he don't know what it's for!” “No waste!” added Len.

“No girl'd want him anyway!” “You guys make me sick,” said Dorothy with distaste. She hated it when they picked on David, made fun of him because he wasn't a crude rough-and-tumble jerk like they were. “Hey, come on guys,” said Ted. “Don't get Dottie all angry and worked up now.” Vic shut up immediately. But not Len, he never was too quick. “Okay, we'll leave getting her worked up to you,” he mumbled. Dorothy could feel Ted's body grow tense. Ted might be a big, thick-headed cowboy but there was one thing he didn't like, dirty talk in front of ladies. She leaned close to his large, hard shoulder and blew a kiss at his face. He calmed down, he knew it would be bad taste to pound his fist into the face of his girl's own brother, even if he was only a stepbrother. As she leaned Len was thrilled. Her legs opened and at last he saw deep between the flawless curves of her thighs. His eyes captured a quick glimpse of white undies choked up tight around the full tissues and soft hair of her crotch. The folds of her round buns were squashed below the mellow hump like two serving trays presenting a delicious fruit. Dorothy sat back up and closed her legs. She could see the redness of Len's face and knew what he saw but ignored it. If she said anything it would start a brawl; the best thing to do now would be to get Ted on his feet and outside. It wasn't difficult, all Dorothy had to do was slip her hand behind Ted, find the round firmness of his jutting rump and give it a pinch. He smiled and swaggered to his feet. “Come on, babe,” he said. “It's time to get outta here.” As they walked across the dance floor to the exit Len and Vic watched the tantalizing toss of her short skirt pitching with the lift and fall of each full, proud cheek of her ass. The skirt ended at mid-thigh, and Dorothy's supple, curvaceous legs glowed with well-scrubbed enticement.

“Man, she's got some body,” Vic remarked. “That Ted is one lucky fella to be climbing into something like her,” Len said through clenched teeth. “You think he's fucking her?” Vic asked.

“Ted? Shit, yes. Ted won't have nothing to do with a broad unless she puts out.” “Lucky fucker.” Len closed his eyes as Dorothy and Ted went out the door. “I sure wouldn't mind having a girlfriend built like that.” “There ain't one within a hundred miles,” Vic said. “But I tell you, I sure would like to poke it inside her.” Len opened one eye. “What the fuck you saying? She's your stepsister, you can't go fucking her,” he teasingly said. “Hah!

Just give me the chance!” Vic answered. “It don't matter anyway, her being a stepsister, she's not a blood relative. It's not like incest.”

“Still…” whispered Len. His brother was taking him seriously.

Vic looked Len in the eye and said, “You telling me you'd throw her out of bed just because our father married her mother?”

“Well…” “Suppose he hadn't? Would you toss her out then?”

Len's other eye opened. “No, I guess not.” “Then what's the difference? Shit, you can even marry a stepsister! There ain't nothing wrong with it, I tell you.” Len shrugged. “Well, I guess if I had the chance to fuck her I'd be a fool not to. She's sure got a body I wouldn't forget very soon, nice legs, bit tits, curvy ass and a nice, puffy cunt.” “How do you know that?” Vic asked. Len's eyes closed again and he sat back with a smug look. “I just know, that's all.” “You asshole.” Once they were outside the fresh air did a lot to revive Ted's drooping eyelids. “Come on,” he said. “Let's put the top down on the car and drive over to the lake.” It took only minutes to lower the convertible top on his Chevy and they were off. The lake was a pitiful sight, flat, surrounded by mud and sparse growth. The tracks of the few cattle allowed to graze on their own dotted the muck, but in the moonlight these details were obscured. Ted parked on a slight rise to the side of the lake where they could see the sparkling reflection of the mid-summer moon. “Water level's low,” he commented. Dorothy wasn't concerned with irrigation levels however, she knew why they were there. This was the same place they had parked eight months ago when she let Ted screw her for the first time. She had been a virgin until then and on that one beautiful night she threw all her hopes and dreams up to him. She didn't really know what she had expected. Her father dead only six months, and already her mother had announced plans to marry Jake Holloway, graduation was coming, she just wanted a man, a strong man like her father, to take her away from all the heartbreak and confusion. Ted was the strongest man around, that was fine, but the feeling of loss and futility still existed now, after eight months. There was no chance to get away… especially with Ted. His muscular arm circled her slender shoulders and pulled her close. “Soon as I get enough money ahead I'm buying some of this land and start my own operation,” he said as his mouth came down to meet hers. Their lips came together softly at first. Dorothy's tongue slid out to greet his. Ted's hot, thick tongue plunged deep inside her mouth and scooped at the sweetness of her tasty saliva and the lips crushed hard against each other. With a low groan Dorothy arched her back and pressed into him until the ends of her pointed breasts crushed against his chest. His arms engulfed her, brought her in even tighter, hugged the soft limberness of her fresh body into the power of his. Dorothy was wrapped in a sheath of strong, protective muscle as Ted's hands slid slowly down the curve of her back to press into the pliant meat of her rump. She kept one hand moving across his broad back, caressing down to his waist and back up.

She didn't want to appear too eager. To her dismay, Dorothy had learned that Ted equated eagerness with looseness, that he felt aggressiveness on the part of a woman was unladylike, something only prostitutes and easy girls practiced. The most she could get away with was an occasional pat on the rear, like at the dance. Ted's fingers dug deeply around and under her curving buttocks to work the fabric of her skirt up and away, then he felt the soft slickness of the satin undies. They were cool, smooth, and fully packed with even cooler and smoother flesh. He liked Dorothy, liked her a lot. She wasn't like the other girls around town, she had class. As his fingers caressed across the satin-covered slope of her melonlike buns Ted recalled the only time she had reminded him of the less appealing girls in town. That one night after they had made love she was stroking his cock; that was okay, stroking his pecker like it was made of gold. But when she leaned her head down and kissed it he stiffened; then she tried to suck it into her mouth. Ted stopped her. “You don't want me to?” Dorothy asked. She seemed hurt, rejected. Ted said, “No. You don't have to do nothing like that to show me you like me. I'm happy with everything we've done so far.” She never tried it again and Ted decided she was just making an effort to please him, misguided as it was. After all, the girl was a virgin before she met him, everything she needed to know he would teach her. And Ted wanted to teach her right because he had big plans for this beautiful girl, lifelong plans. He slid his hands under the elastic band of the undies and felt the incredible softness of her bare rump. They were like two big lumps of bread dough, firm and tender. The deep, warm crack between the mounds was like a channel to guide his fingers down deep until he could feel the sweltering heat of her crotch.

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