неизвестен Автор: Русско-Английский блатной словарь

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  • Название:
    Русско-Английский блатной словарь
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    Эротика, Секс / на русском языке
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Русско-Английский блатной словарь


Throughout the history of Russia, with the exeption of a brief period around the beginning of the present century, it has been the official policy of the govenment to forbid the appearance in print of a large body of words used in the everyday speech of many Russians and known to virtually all. These words are considered too obscene for inclusion in dictionaries, even through some of them have existed in the language from its beginnings (e.g. perdet', Common slavic *perdeti, c.f. Sanscrit pardati, English 'fart'). Unfortunately, the compilers of most Russian reference works outside Russia have also deemed these words unsuitable for inclusion.

A Short Dictionary of Russian Obscenities is a modest attempt to fill this gap. It has been compiled from various lists which have circulated for some time but have not been avalable to a wide public, from Baudouin de Courtenay's edition of Tolkovyi slovar' zivogo velikorusskogo jazyka by Vl. Dal', and from material provided by several native informants.

The compilers of the present work have attempted to avoid strictly dialectal forms, but have included some archaic words. It is intended simply as a defining dictionary : those who use it for the purpose of building an active vocabulary do so at their own risk. Determining exactly how obscense a given word is frequently presented some difficulty. As a matter of prinsiple, words which are included (in their "vulgar" sense) in the four-volume Slovar' russkogo jazyka (Akademija nauk SSSR, institut jazykovedenija, Moskva, 1957-1961) are exluded.

The compilers are painfully aware of the inadequacy of this first, preliminary edition of A Short Dictionary of Russian Obscenities, but feel that it will serve a useful purpose in the absence of any equivalent work. They will be grateful for any critisizm of content or form. Indeed, it is their fervent hope that the present work will stimulate an interest in this neglected facet of Russian lexicography, which might lead to the complication of a modern and complete list of Russian obscenities.

D.D. Berkley, 1971



The compilers are grateful for the comments and suggestions received, which were useful in preparing the present edition. Several new entries have been made, and some dubious words have been deleted. Some entries have been rearranged to facilitate use. Nevertheless, A Short Dictionary of Russian Obscenities remains far from perfect, and all suggestions for further improvement: will be welcomed.

D.D. Berkley, 1973



The entries in the present dictionary are presented in the following manner : unless otherwise noted, the nominative and genitive singular of nouns and the imperfective infinitive and first and third persons singular of verbs are given. In the English translations, the initial word following the Russian entry should be regarded as stylistically closest to the Russian; a following word separated by a comma further defines the lexical meaning of the word. Distinctly separate meanings are indicated by semicolons.


безл. = безличная форма

ж. = женский род

л. = либо

м. = мужской род

мн. = множественное число

напр. = например

однокр. = однократный вид

особ. = особенно

пов. = повелительное наклонение

пренебр. = пренебрежительный

прош. = прошедшее время

сов. = совершенный вид

сокр. = сокращение

увел. = увеличительный

уменьш. = уменьшительный

эвф. = эвфемизм

attr. = attributive

esp. = especially

fig. = figuratively

lit. = literally

архипиздрит, -а cunt-chaser. б.... [бэ] (особ. =блядь. у женщин) байстрык, -а =байстрюк. байстрюк, -а bastard; dropout (from society). бандорша, -и a madam; female pimp;

vile, ugly woman. бандырь, -я м. pimp; male proprietor

of a whorehouse. бардак, -а whorehouse, brothel;

mess, disorder. бардачный confused, messy.

бардачное дело a confused affair, mess,

messy bisness. басран, -а shitass, punk. бастрок, -а =байстрюк. бастрюк, -а =байстрюк. бздение, -я act of farting; cowardice. бздеть, бзжу, бздит, to fart silently; to bullshit; 3 мн. бздят, to pollute with air, e.g. whith сов. набздеть automobile exhaust; to be

chicken, spineless. бздех, -а gas accompanying a silent fart. бзднуть, -ну, -нет однокр. к бздеть. бздун, -а farter; fart, weak

бздунья ж. ineffectual person. бздунья, -и v. бздун. бздюха, -и м. и ж. =бздун, бздунья. бикса, -ы slut. блежник, -а promiscuous man; whoremonger. блудилище, -а whorehouse; den of iniquity. блядищa, -и увел. пренебр. к блядь. блядка, -и уменьш. к блядь. блядовать, -дую, -дует to whore; to dissipate, lead

a dissolute life (said of a

man or woman). блядовской =блядский. блядовство, -а a depraved, dissolute way of

life. блядский pertaining to a whore; goddamned.

-- -ий рот! Son of a bitch!

-- -ое дело! Damn it!

-- -ая работа hard work, tedious job. блядство, -а underhanded, dirty trick;

stupid blunder. блябу =бляду. бляду сокр. =блядь буду, I'll be goddamned

(if) ... блядун, -а whoremonger. блядунья, -и two-bit whore, common slut. блядь, -и ж. whore; bitch, slut. блядюга, -и увел. пренебр. к блядь. бордак, -а =бардак. буфера, -ов мн. boobs, tits. взьебка, -ки a cussing-out. волосянка, -и pubic hair.

играть на -- -е to screw, have sexsual


наяривать на -- -е =наяривать. взьебывать, -аю, -ает to work one's ass off, slave. выблядок, -дка bastard (lit. and fig.). выблядыш, -а выблядок. выдра, -ы numpho, woman who loves to engage

in sexual intercourse; slut;

skinny, ugly woman. выебать,-ебу,-ебет сов. to fuck (lit.); to punish; to

chew out, scold; to pull out of

a hat, obtain from nowhere. выеть сов. к ебать. выкусить

на(-те) выкуси! eat me! suck my prick! выматюгаться, -аюсь, сов. к матюгаться.

-аеться выматюкаться, -аюсь, сов. к матюгаться.

-аеться выпердеть,-жу,-дит сов. to shit whith difficulty; to

fart (something) out. высраться, -серусь, to take a shit; to evacuate

-серется сов. one's bowels completely. выссаться, -ссусь to piss one's pants;

-ссется, -ссаться/ to empty one's bladder.

-ссутся сов. г.... [гэ] (особ. у =говно, говенный. женщин) сокр. Купил вот такой гэ He bought this real shitty костюм. suit. говенка, -и whore; shit (fig.). говенный shitty (lit. and fig.). говешка, -и piece of shit. говназия, -и пренебр. =гимназия. говнецо, -а уменьш. к говно. говно, -а shit, a turd (of persons) ;

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