Пола Харрисон: Kitty And The Tiger Treasure

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Пола Харрисон Kitty And The Tiger Treasure
  • Название:
    Kitty And The Tiger Treasure
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  • Жанр:
    Детектив / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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Girl by day. Cat by night. Ready for an adventure. This chapter book is an excellent choice to share during homeschooling, in particular for children ages 6 to 8 who are ready to read independently. It’s a fun way to keep your child engaged and as a supplement for activity books for children. Meet Kitty, a charming chapter book character with catlike superpowers. In book two in this chapter book series, Kitty must recover the priceless Golden Tiger treasure after it’s been stolen. With dramatic two-color art on every page and an emphasis on friendship, family, and building self-confidence, the Kitty books are the perfect choice for newly independent readers and fans of Rebecca Elliott’s Owl Diaries. When a new exhibition arrives at the local museum, Kitty is excited to see its most prized artifact, the Golden Tiger. Sadly, her cat, Pumpkin, won’t be able to see the Golden Tiger because pets aren’t allowed to visit the galleries. That night, Kitty decides to use her catlike superpowers to sneak Pumpkin into the museum. When they arrive, it’s just in time to see someone stealing the Golden Tiger statue! The museum's security cat, Cleo, is devastated that she let the bandit get away. But never fear! Kitty and Pumpkin are there to help Cleo track down the culprit and recover the statue before morning. Kitty and the Tiger Treasure is the second book in a chapter book series about Kitty and her superhero adventures. With an aspirational main character, a kindle of cats, striking two-color art on every page, and fun facts included at the end of each story, these chapter books are just right for newly independent readers.

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For Inky, the most mischievous cat in town—P. H.

For Helena and her cat crew—J. L.



Title Page


Meet Kitty & Her Cat Crew

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Super Facts About Cats

Excerpt from Kitty and the Moonlight Rescue

Back Ads

About the Author and Illustrator


About the Publisher

Meet Kitty & Her Cat Crew


Kitty has special powers—but is she ready to be a superhero just like her mom?

Luckily, Kitty’s cat crew has faith in her and shows Kitty the hero that lies within.


A stray ginger kitten who is utterly devoted to Kitty.


Wise and kind, Figaro knows the neighborhood like the back of his paw.


Pixie has a nose for trouble and whiskers for mischief!


Sleek and sophisticated, Katsumi is quick to call Kitty at the first sign of trouble.



Kitty sprang from the sofa to the door in a single bound. “Stop right there!” She pointed her finger at Pumpkin the cat. “You won’t get away with it this time!”

Pumpkin, a roly-poly ginger kitten with black whiskers, scampered out of reach. “Can’t catch me!” he meowed, darting into Kitty’s bedroom.

Kitty chased after him, giggling. Pumpkin leaped onto the bed and rolled over to let Kitty tickle his fluffy tummy.

Kitty’s mom came in. “What are you two up to? There’s a lot of giggling going on in here.”

“We’re playing Catch the Bandit!” Kitty told her. “It’s a new game we invented, and it helps me improve my superpowers.”

“I see!” Mom smoothed back Kitty’s dark hair. “I’m glad you’re practicing, but it’s getting late. It’s time to settle down and go to bed.”

Kitty climbed under her blanket. “I am very sleepy.”

“I’m not surprised!” Mom smiled as she tucked Kitty in.

Kitty smiled back. She knew her mom understood how important it was to practice her powers. Kitty’s family had a special secret. Mom was a real superhero and went out at night to use her catlike abilities to help people. Kitty and her little brother, Max, had the same superpowers as their mom. Kitty could see in the dark and hear noises from far away. She could also balance perfectly and perform amazing somersaults. Best of all, she could talk to animals!

A few weeks before, Kitty had been on her very first nighttime adventure. She had met Pumpkin, who had no place to stay. Kitty was so happy the kitten had come home with her. Now he was part of the family, and he slept on Kitty’s bed every night.

“Don’t forget we’ve got a big day tomorrow,” added Mom as she tidied Kitty’s clothes. “We’re going to the Hallam City Museum to see the new exhibit. The Golden Tiger statue will be there, along with lots of other ancient treasures.”

Kitty sat up in bed again. “Is the Golden Tiger really covered with diamonds?”

“That’s right! And it has large eyes made of emeralds,” Mom told her.

“I can’t wait to see it!” cried Kitty.

“I’m glad you’re excited,” said Mom, laughing. “Sleep well, honey!”

Kitty turned on her night-light and snuggled down under the covers. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow. The new treasures at the museum were supposed to be amazing. The Golden Tiger statue was decorated with dozens of jewels. Kitty couldn’t wait to see them all winking and glittering!

Pumpkin padded across the bed and flopped down beside her. His eyes shined in the dim light, and his fur was velvety soft against Kitty’s arm. Kitty sighed and closed her eyes. Pictures of imaginary treasure floated around in her head.

Pumpkin wriggled. “Kitty, are you asleep?” he whispered.

Kitty’s eyes opened. “Not yet! What’s wrong, Pumpkin?”

The kitten’s whiskers twitched. “What’s the Golden Tiger statue like? Is it enormous?”

“It looks small in the pictures. It’s probably no bigger than you!” Kitty smiled.

“Then why is it so special?” asked Pumpkin.

“Mom says it was buried in an ancient tomb for thousands of years before archaeologists found it. It’s made of gold and covered in diamonds. The tiger’s eyes are made from sparkling emeralds.”

“It must be valuable, then.” Pumpkin snuggled against Kitty’s shoulder.

“It’s priceless!” Kitty told him. “And it could be magical, too. The legend says that the Golden Tiger listens to your heart’s desire, and if you touch its paw, it will grant your greatest wish.”

Pumpkin’s eyes widened.

“Dad told me all about it,” continued Kitty. “Lots of people have had good luck after seeing the statue, but there’s a curse, too. If a bad person does something to make the statue angry, it will conjure up ghostly spirits to seek revenge!”

Pumpkin shivered. “Ooh—spooky!”

“I hope I can get close enough to see it tomorrow. The exhibit is opening for the first time, so I think the museum will be crowded.”

“I wish I could come with you!” said Pumpkin. “Are cats allowed to visit?”

Kitty shook her head. “I don’t think so.” She lay quietly for a moment. Then she sat up so suddenly that she nearly knocked Pumpkin off the bed. “I’ve got a great idea! If we visit the museum tonight, then you’ll be able to see everything and there will be no crowds at all. We’ll have the whole place to ourselves!”

Pumpkin’s nose twitched. “But . . . is the museum very scary?”

“It’s full of interesting things. We can look at them together.” Kitty tickled Pumpkin under the chin. She knew the kitten got nervous about new things and new places. After all, he’d been all alone before he met Kitty. “Don’t you think it would be fun to have a new adventure?”

Pumpkin nodded slowly. “I like the sound of the statue with the diamonds and emeralds. Jewels are so sparkly, aren’t they?”

Kitty nodded, pushed back the covers, and jumped out of bed. “We should go right now! The museum is only ten minutes away, and I can use my superpowers to find a way across the rooftops.”

Pumpkin sprang onto the window seat and pushed back the curtain with his nose.

A crescent moon shined brightly, and light poured into the room. Kitty felt excitement bubble inside her. She gazed at the roofs of the houses all laid out in long rows. She could see a way through the chimneys as if it was a secret path only she knew!

Pumpkin twitched his nose again. “I just hope it doesn’t rain.”

“If it does, I’m sure we’ll find somewhere to shelter.” Kitty took out her superhero clothes and tied on her black cape and cat tail. Finally she added her cat ears and looked in the mirror. Dressed in her cat costume, she felt like a real superhero! Her powers lit up inside her like the moon coming out from behind a cloud.

When she opened the window, the night wind blew in and the curtains flapped. Kitty climbed onto the ledge, her heart skipping. Going out to see the museum’s treasures was exciting, and also a tiny bit scary. “Are you ready, Pumpkin? It’s time to start our next adventure!”

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