Claire-Louise Bennett: Pond: Stories

Здесь есть возможность читать онлайн «Claire-Louise Bennett: Pond: Stories» весь текст электронной книги совершенно бесплатно (целиком полную версию). В некоторых случаях присутствует краткое содержание. год выпуска: 2015, категория: Современная проза / на английском языке. Описание произведения, (предисловие) а так же отзывы посетителей доступны на портале. Библиотека «Либ Кат» — создана для любителей полистать хорошую книжку и предлагает широкий выбор жанров:

любовные романы фантастика и фэнтези приключения детективы и триллеры эротика документальные научные юмористические анекдоты о бизнесе проза детские сказки о религиии новинки православные старинные про компьютеры программирование на английском домоводство поэзия

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Claire-Louise Bennett Pond: Stories
  • Название:
    Pond: Stories
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    Stinging Fly Press
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    Современная проза / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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How much should you let in and how much should you give away? Feverish and forthright, Pond is an absorbing chronicle of a solitudinous life told by an unnamed woman living on the cusp of a coastal town. The physical world depicted in these stories is unsettling yet intimately familiar and soon takes on a life of its own. Captivated by the stellar charms of seclusion but restless with desire, the woman’s relationship with her surroundings becomes boundless and increasingly bewildering. Claire-Louise Bennett’s startlingly original first collection is by turns darkly funny and deeply moving.

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Old Ground

She closed the earth over the green papers, packing it down with her fists, more of a kneading action than a pummelling so that she became quite entranced. Entranced by the movement, by the impressions her knuckles made, and by the way she felt when she pressed down. Love can be surprising. She couldn’t locate where that idea had come from, it didn’t originate from anywhere inside her. But it pleased her, and she leaned right into her fists and pushed hard against the ground. Love can be surprising, she said, enjoying an unforeseen light-heartedness. And then, modifying the mantra slightly, she put her skin, eyes, and lips close to her curled and muddied fingers and whispered into them: ‘Love must be surprising.’

She swung her boots by the laces and hit them off the wall, loosening neat wedges of dirt. Her mother opened an upstairs window with a gloved hand and called down to her, but she ignored her mother, loathed the boots, and flickered soundlessly round to the back of the house, her mother’s voice chiming like uncertain fragments touching one against another in the breeze.

A red apple sat up on the lawn. Her brother stood at a distance from it, clattering garden snails together in his left hand which he lobbed one by one with his right, underarm, into the sky, with the aim of hitting them off the apple on their spiralling descent. He threw a snail at his sister. She peered up at it twisting through the air, issued a mordant ow sound as it landed several feet away, and dropped her eyes to fix on the well-trained apple. The stupid apple. Leave it, he said. She stayed still and continued to frown at the apple. The stupid, stupid, apple.

She only imagined swooping down upon the apple, snatching it up in a vexed hand and hurling it against the side of the house. She only imagined the sound of its pips rattling, and the awful flat sound it makes when it hits the wall and falls apart. She only imagined these things but conceded, nonetheless, that her imaginings had to become more cautious, more subtle, perhaps, now that the blank card had come.

After a short time there was a shift — the apple held her in its fluent green gaze as all thoughts and awarenesses in her began to softly trickle out across the garden. The windowpane flinched beneath its white sash. And then, of course, it was time for them both to go indoors and wash their hands.

Morning stands on its high swing and waits, shunting the dirt back and forth beneath its nails with a bare piece of card.

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