Tim Green: Exact Revenge

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Tim Green Exact Revenge
  • Название:
    Exact Revenge
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    Триллер / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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A promising attorney and political candidate, Raymond White was on the fast track when his life was suddenly derailed. Unexpectedly framed and convicted of murder, he is sentenced to solitary confinement in a maximum-security prison. Alone with his inner rage, Raymond methodically plots his revenge against those who schemed to ruin his career and take away his life. Now, after spending 18 years behind bars, Raymond makes his escape – and is ready to finally put his plan into action.

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When I wake, I sit up and look out the window. The sun is breaching the green mountains and the Mediterranean shines up at me like stained glass. In Naples, a car and driver are waiting on the tarmac. He takes me south along the Amalfi coast, a winding road that snakes in and out of tunnels and along the lips of sheer cliffs.

The car passes through Positano, whose houses and shops are as colorful as a palette. A mile outside of town, on a hairpin bend, we drive through a set of gates and straight into the brick-paved entrance of the San Pietro Hotel. Inside is an elevator that takes me down through the rock. I walk out into a dank cave that is suddenly filled with a breath of salty air, cooled by the sea. Ahead is a sliver of beach. Shells. Pebbles. Cool black sand.

Up some stone steps and I’m standing at one end of a broad terrace whose lip drops ten feet to the surf. Concrete poured over the rocks. Thick padded lounge chairs covered with orange terrycloth. At the bar are three men in white polo shirts. One is behind the bar, cleaning glasses; the other two lean against it, talking.

Half a dozen patrons are already stretched out in the sunshine that has just cleared the cliffs above. At the far end of the terrace, off by itself, one of the orange lounge chairs faces the open sea to the north. All that is visible is the back of a woman’s head and one long bronze arm as it replaces a glass of ice and lime onto a small cocktail table. I step into the sunlight, weave through the chairs, and step out into the open space. The two men from the bar are suddenly by my side.

One touches my sleeve. In heavily accented English, he says, “I’m sorry. You cannot go there. This is private.”

“I know her,” I say, removing his hand.

“I’m sorry, sir,” he says. “No one can disturb her.”

“How long has she been here like this?” I ask. “With no one talking to her?”

The man scowls at me and says, “Three weeks. Maybe four. Please.”

“No,” I say, starting her way and shrugging them aside. “She’ll want to see me.”

“Sir,” he says, raising his voice.

I keep going. Helena is stretched out in a white two-piece bathing suit. She must have her eyes closed behind the sunglasses because she doesn’t get up when I block out the light.

“Please go away,” she says. “Nothing personal, but as soon as I sign one thing, I’ll get hounded for the rest of the day.”

Her voice is tired and irritated.

“What if I don’t ask you to sign anything?” I ask, and her body stiffens.

She takes off her sunglasses and blinks up at me.

“Why are you here?” she asks, scowling.

“Because you are,” I say, “and I’m finished with everything that had to be done.”

“With her?”

I nod, but say, “Yes and no. She’s the mother of my son. Part of me cares about her.”

“And the other part?” she asks, her lip trembling.

I kneel down beside her chair.

“Everything else,” I say, “is for you. If you’ll take it.”

She presses her lips tight and says, “You’ll never leave?”

“You saved my life,” I say. “The new one.”


“I owe you a life,” I say. “I want to pay it back to you. Ten times. A hundred if I can.”

“Show me,” she says.

“I will.”

She reaches up and touches my face, guiding me to her until our lips touch… From the corner of my eye I see the waiters gawking, wishing they were me, and then I shut my eyes.


As with every book I have written, there are people throughout the process who are invaluable. Each contribution, whether great or small, helps make the whole and for that I thank you all: Esther Newberg, my agent and friend, whose honesty exceeds all things. Ace Atkins, a brilliant writer and my good friend. Jamie Raab, my publisher, who spent her valuable time, creativity, and mental energy to make this book shine. The other people at Warner Books who have made me a part of their family, starting with our fearless leader, Larry Kirshbaum, and my editor, Rick Wolff, along with Maureen Egen, Chris Barba, Ivan Held, Tina Andreadis, Dan Ambrosio, Paul Kirschner, Jason Pinter, Jim Spivey and designer Ralph Fowler, and the special editorial assistance I received from Frances Jalet-Miller, Mari Okuda, and Roland Ottewell.

My parents, Dick and Judy Green, who not only taught me a love for books but for their inexhaustible reading of my manuscripts to give them their final polish.

Besides being the best lacrosse coach in the country, Ron Doctor was my expert on Native American lore, and I thank him for his many hours talking patiently to me. Dick Madigan was my expert on my characters’ financial maneuvering.

Probably the most fascinating aspect of writing this book was spending time in and around Auburn Prison, and I could never have done that without the generous time of Captain John “Hoddie” Rourke and his wife Debbie, Lieutenant Mike Vazquez, and my expert up on the wall who took my calls day and night, Officer Clarence Van Ostrand.






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